Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spring 10: Tie Dye

Cynthia Rowley, L.A.M.B, Blumarine, Helmut Lang, Lela Rose, Ports 1961
Tie dye and dip dye are all the rage right now, on runways and in retail, and luckily it's easy to reproduce the look at home. I've been doing some dip dying and "twist" dying myself, with a jar of black rit and some Hanes t-shirts. Check out photos and instructions from my last tie dye session on Pattern People's blog. --Claudia


  1. congratulations!!! it´s a perfect ideao to start this blog!!! i will be sure a fan!!!

  2. wow. I'm super excited you guys started a blog! It's really helpful...
    check out my blog!
    I'll out you guys up on my blog list...


  3. Excited to see a Printsource blog! I took a dye class a few years ago and worked with silk scarves. Easy, fun and only a small scale mess :-) you can let the dye set overnight in a ziploc freezer bag.

    I look forward to seeing the results when you post again. Congrats on the new blog!!

  4. So happy to see a Printsource blog as well! I always love following your trends and now that I have a blog as well, I'll be following you regularly.