Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AW10 | Jean-Pierre Braganza

AW10 Braganza, molten lava

earth's cloud layer from space, AW10 Braganza

AW10 Braganza, cooled lava
photos courtesy of Trace

Jean-Pierre Braganza's latest collection, Cylonatron, draws inspiration from "the utilitarian lines of Bauhaus and the contrast between pure geometric symmetry and the curves of a woman’s body." His continuing obsession with science fiction appears in the details with seams and angles surrounding the body in an architectural manner. Part cyborg, part molten metal, the prints range from flowing and organic to kaleidoscopic and controlled. Braganza's tailoring precision comes through in each piece, almost as if he was creating uniforms for the future.

His Spring collection, Psychadelactica, featuring skeletal-like prints, is out now.

Available at Seven in New York and Start in London.

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