Friday, May 4, 2012

Sydney Fashion Week | Jenny Kee

An Aussie legend from the 70's comes roaring back to show her first collection since 1981.   According to wikipedia, "In 1965 Jenny Kee moved to London and became involved in the Swinging London and undergound scene, where she sold ethnic and retro clothes, cast-off Dior clothes, and Indian embroideries to a hippy clientele. While being interviewed for TV series Talking Heads, she claims that during her time in London, she had a brief sexual encounter with John Lennon...In 2006, she published her autobiography and account of her life in swinging London, A Big Life." Since then, she's collaborated with Linda Jackson to create a line of sweaters with emblems one of which was owned by Lady Di, she's been painting big red beautiful flowers, and created a line of gorgeous colorful print scarves. 

This new collection is a fun cacophonous reflection of her career, with lots of bright ethnic prints, colors and print mixing.

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