Thursday, December 16, 2010

2012 Print Predictions!

Press Release:

New York, NY – December 2010 – Printsource New York, the leading textile and surface design show in the USA, announced its list of the TOP TEN PRINT IDEAS FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2012.

The list, compiled by Claudia Brown and Jessie Whipple Vickery, of the Portland-based textile design studio Pattern People, highlights some of the most directional print and pattern ideas for Spring/Summer 2012, both for the fashion and home textiles markets.

1. Under the Microscope, Ana Romero, Portugal | 2. Ink Blot Camos, Studio L2 Design, USA

3. Eastern Color Block, BG 2770, USA. | 4. Pop Art Conversational, Pattern People, USA

5. Tribal Wash, MLD 0039 by Margherita Leonardi, Italy | 6. Shanghai Florals, MLD 0039 by Margherita Leonardi, Italy.

7. Abstract Elements, Emma Schonenberg for Theo & Hugh, El Salvador | 8. Photobased Prints, Oaffi, USA

9. Bohemian Folk, Gather No Moss, UK. | 10. Baroque Opulence, Studio L2 Design, USA.

1. Under the Microscope - science and design collide with detailed images shown in overblown scale.

2. Ink Blot Camos - watercolor and ink spots create an organic update.

3. Eastern Color Block - influenced by Bauhaus and Mondrian with a hand painted feel.


Pop Art Conversationals - bold, outlined shapes take inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein's technique.

5. Tribal Wash - ethnic prints that are hand-painted yet look as if rain has washed part of the design away.

6. Shanghai Florals - stylized Asian florals with a slick nighttime feel.


Abstract Elements – tie-dye textures that take inspiration from the earth such as minerals and other organic matter.

8. Photobased Prints - 3D and chromatic aberrations.

9. Bohemian Folk - geometrics, paisleys and floral designs influenced by Ballets Russes.

10. Baroque Opulence - rich, ornamental, embroidery inspired designs with an antique feel.

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