Friday, October 8, 2010

Spring 11: Asian Florals

Kenzo, United Bamboo, Louis Vuitton (x2), Dries Van Noten
Asian florals were a big presence at the Spring shows. Most notably, Louis Vuitton's glamorous gowns, which were of course styled flawlessly, in that signature Marc Jacobs fashion. Hair and makeup complimented the dark silky garments, creating a mood that conjured a smoke-filled secret society in Shanghai. Dries Van Noten's florals, also on silks, were light and painterly. United Bamboo's trees, blossoms and birds were more folky and felt more playful. Kenzo used archive Japanese prints, which were draped, layered and collaged with both precision and luxurious softness. For next Spring, get ready for peonies, cherry blossoms, chrysamthemums, and birds.

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